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Physical Experimentations

¬†The project explores the role of 3D Physical typographic elements and its relation to the sound, space and light. Looking the impact of kinesis to the communication process, trying to break the boundaries of the […]

Young Design Programme – Sorrell Foundation

A Live community project between the University of Greenwich, six South East Colleges, The University of the Arts, London The development of life skills is at the heart of the programme. The creative process includes […]

Experimental Dreaming Synesthesia – Visualising sound with Letters

Experimental Dreaming Synesthesia from TERAS lab on Vimeo.

Jul, 07

From Delphi to Paris

Typography in Visual Arts — Workshop from TERAS lab on Vimeo. website:¬†Delphus Project 2010 The progect Funded by the European Union IP Programme The Department of Computing at Goldsmiths is a vibrant, innovative environment combining […]

Jul, 07


Typography in Visual Arts — Workshop from TERAS lab on Vimeo.

Apr, 05

TERASlab on vimeo

TERAS lab NOW on vimeo follow our profile on vimeo for experimental research video vimeo.com/teraslab

Mar, 21

Experimental videos

Type in Symphony from TERAS lab on Vimeo.

Dec, 04



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