A.C.T. PhD

PhD Arts and Computational Technology [ACT]

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Typographic Principles:
Innovative Perspectives in Visual Arts and Computational Technologies

Practice based research: a short documentary from TERAS lab on Vimeo.

Names as appears in order: Anastasios Maragiannis(researcher) , Alan Kitching (typographer), Bahador Katouzian (designer, Sam gordon, (Screen-based design), Stacey Pitsilides (Academic design) Jelena Sipilova, (participant)

The Contextual review process as Infographics please click here on Flickr_logo


Applying the theoretical perspectives into the practice-based research: Prototypes to reflect the existing principles and their transition to the screen environment

Research workshops

The workshops play an important role on this research and help to build a new framework on screen based typographic design principles.


The Practice-Based Research Interviews [PBR]: Below there is a selection of images and videos for the PhD research as part of the methodology processes


Throughout the research process, some outcomes of the workshops, findings and questions presented in various events conferences and discipline related labs to further understand current thinking and philosophy of the subject area.

Additional appendices

Questions, Structures, Organising workshops et al