The Practice-Based Research Workshops [PBRW]: Below there is an extended list of the workshops completed as part of the PhD research in ‘Typographic Principles: Innovative Perspectives in Visual Arts and Computational Technologies’. The workshops play an important role on this research and help to build a new framework on screen based typographic design principles.

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V14. (2015) Round table symposium  – New framework analysis and reflection, Creative Industries
Symposium Goal: To Investigate the challenges of screen based typography. With an input from creative industry leaders in order to test and evaluate the outcomes of the research and the new screen based framework

V13.c. (2015) Practice In Writing: A Recipe For Creativity & Creative Interpretation [II] Workshop ISEA2015,
This workshop explored the impact of technologies in the communication process. Keywords, Screen based design, Text, typography, novel, mythologies, design. Vancouver, Canada

V12. (2014), Practice In Writing: A Recipe For Creativity & Creative Interpretation [I] Workshop DRHA2014 Conference, London UK
This workshop explored various examples: the rules of the sonnet game result in the creation of a sonnet. The rules of the short story game result in the creation of a short story. Are there other rules? New games? New things to create. Through a typographic exploration. London, UK

Practice in Writing from TERAS lab on Vimeo.


V11.b. (2014), Type on Move, Exploring the Impact of  reading while on Move – University of Greenwich, Greenwich area London
This workshop explored the impact of portable devices in our daily communication. It is an observation on how 3D Digital Design and Graphic and Digital Design students use their devices. It also explores the impact of text and typography in relation to external physical impacts. (environment, other people, interactions et all)

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Greenwich | Workshop

V10. (2013), SCI-FI-LONDON, in association with the INSTITUTE FOR INTERSTELLAR STUDIES, present an informal day of talks, film and workshops at THE CRYSTAL, London UK
The workshop and presentation focused on the impact of traditional mediums to the screen based mediums. Explored theories and practices of current design principles and the design principles of the future (thinking of the Space and its space) [website]

V9.b. (2013) ‘Typographic Exploration in Visual Arts, University of Advancing Technology Arizona, [AZ, Phoenix USA] – ART 375 Transatlantic Online workshop London to Phoenix
Digital Design students participating in typographic research workshops, exploring prototypes based on Morrison’s first typographic principles published in Macmillan, 1936

V8. (2013) S., ‘Desktop Psychogeographies’ ISEA2013, Sydney, Australia.
Workshop: the way we navigate our desktop interfaces is defined by a cartesian approach to information architecture, as current design interfaces prescribe motion within a computational conceptual grid. This workshop seeks to explore how concepts of psychogeography (which refers to non-cartesian navigation of the urban space) can be applied in a creative and affective way, encouraging participants to rethink typography, text and visual information navigation through the spectrum of sentimentality, memories, identity & temporality (as opposed to date accessed, file name, etc),
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V8. (2013) S., ‘Desktop Psychogeographies’ ISEA2013, Sydney, Australia.

V7.a. (2012) Victoria & Albert Museum- Digital Futures Exhibition – Typographic Interactive practices.
The Interactive Installation/exhibition hosted at the V&A Digital Studios. Visitors led through a series of typographic exercises that attained to strengthen the amalgamation of design information and visual language, underlying the third dimension of typography within an “agnostic” virtual space.


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V7.a. (2012) Victoria & Albert Museum- Digital Futures Exhibition – Typographic Interactive practices

V6. (2011) Research Presentation & Workshop: ‘Typographical Experimental Research in Audiovisual Spaces’, BETHERE! Corfu International Festival. Corfu, Greece, In collaboration with the Ionian University – department of Audio-visual Arts.
This workshop focuses on a multitude of skills, and how they are interrelated – especially in terms of animated typography. Second, it presents these skills within a broad, but structured framework. This workshop takes participants “outside” the classroom/ studio setting, and through both simple and more complex exercises, leads them through various animated typographic explorations. [website]

V5. (2011)“Typo- Virtual Games”, A workshop in collaboration with Paris-8 University, the Athens Academy of Fine Arts, University of Valencia, Goldsmiths-University of London and the University of Hull.
The project (continues from previous year below) explored multiple game platforms in relation to design; architecture and data; my research group in particular focused on the use of screen-based typography; information design; and readability within online / virtual games. [website]

V4. (2011) Workshop & Applied Research: ‘How the Digital and Electronic Media are Mapping and Reshaping Cultural Identity’, ISEA2011, International Symposium on Electronic Art. Istanbul, Turkey.
The workshop focused on the impact of the theory as described in contextual review and the impact of communication through various cultural identities. As part of the overall research the workshop explores the impact of culture and multidisciplinary background in the design process. The focus is on reading and using typographic elements on screen based communication. [website]

V3.a. (2010) “From the Real to Virtual: Explorating and experimentating with Typography’ A collaborative workshop with Athens Academy of Fine Arts, School of Multimedia Postgraduate studies in collaboration with the Paris-8 University, University of Valencia, and Goldsmiths, University of London.
The overall project structured through a series of experimental approaches investigating the impact of the real world to the virtual and vice versa. I was leading the group that explored typography in physical and virtual space. The idea of the workshop derived from the first principles of typography that published by Morrison in 1936.[website]

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V3.a - workshop Delphi, GR

V2. (2009), From First principles of Print to screen based Interactive Prototypes – University of Greenwich,
Applying the theoretical perspectives into the practice-based research: Prototypes to reflect the existing principles and their transition to the screen environment. The workshop is one of the early participatory approach workshops that explored first reactions to the typography on screen and the transition of existing principles to a series of prototypes that engaging audience and designers through Sound, animation and interaction.

V1. (2009) ‘Kinetic Typography’, TypeCon2009 conference, Atlanta, USA, Workshop.
The workshop focused on the transition of static typographic principles to motion typography as an outcome of the contextual review theories. [website]