Visual representation of Sound
Emmanouil Kanellos, London Metropolitan University

This project is a practice-based research in visual sound – an evolution of visual music in the current state of art. The research concentrates on representation and hybrid art concepts and examines how theorists and artists have developed relevant work within the contemporary digital era. Additionally, it explores the impact of the post-modern ideologies in audiovisual art and shows ways in which they can direct the practice of visual music.


A Practice-Led framework to Investigate Screen Based Typography
Anastasios Maragiannis, Goldsmiths, University of London – University of Greenwich, London


Informed by design theory, Anastasios practice-based research focuses on how computational technologies impact on the existing principles and forms of static typography and text. His current work explores how innovative processes of design evolve within creative media, scrutinising in particular how forms of typographic design expand into innovative technologies; virtual space; and interactive, sonic and animated components.